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"Using the Sherlock on my Mom's computer I found a great price in a matter of minutes on the paper shredder she wanted to buy. Then when I was showing her the benefits of the Sherlock Daily Deals we found a Daily Deal for the very restaurant we are having our Ministry to Men dinner at in a couple of weeks. She ordered several and saved $29." - Chuck Williams | St. Peters MO

"My 21 year old son came to me for advise on a Christmas present for his girlfriend. He had $100 to spend but wanted to "WOW" her. We used Shopping Sherlock Daily Deals and found a spa package that included a 50 minute Swedish massage, 50 minute Sugar Plum facial and a 50 minute mani-pedi, a $395 value for $99!! What an incredible deal! My son is happy and I know his girl friend will be thrilled." - Scott Gardner | New Braunsels, TX

I bought an HP colour inkjet cartridge for my printer for £16.08 through the Sherlock compared to £25 from my local stationers which is a 36% saving of £8.92. How's that for value for a consumable item, with all the hard work done by the Sherlock! - Peter Benns | Wiltshire, United Kingdoms

I used to buy my HP 901 printer cartridegs from WalMart for 45.87. I found them usung my Sherlock Saver for just under 25.00 with free shipping. - Gerald Bailey | Palmetto, FL

Needed a replacement for my black leather briefcase, which has finally worn out after about ten years. Paid about a hundred for it back in the day. Today you can get an identical one, in fake leather - but such a good fake, that you can't tell the difference - for $ 60.00, in local stores. Just got it through Sherlock for $24.00. Seeings believing, buddy. Thanks again. - Michael Jones | St. Louis, MO

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